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Projects in Kimball

The Future of Our Town

The growth Kimball is starting to experience has happened before. We appreciate the work of generations who came before us, and recognize the quality of life we take for granted in such a safe and small community. To meet the upcoming challenges Kimball will inevitably face, we will have to acknowledge our communities’ weaknesses and improve upon and utilize our strengths to capture opportunities.



Long-term stable community happens through collaboration. With the resources we now have, it’s only a matter of working together, and thinking outside the box to achieve our community goals.


Clean Harbors Expansion

While Clean Harbors sits outside of the city limits, they are currently Kimball’s largest employer. I am pleased to see they have picked Kimball to do an expansion project. Adding a second incinerator with different capabilities than the current one dramatically increases their ability to do business. The positive, long term, stable economic impact for Kimball will be felt long after the initial growing pains. I hope that both the current and future employees enjoy Kimball as much as I do.


Airport Repairs

Many of us have not taken the time to explore our little airport, however it continues to play an important role. Not only to the local business owners who have planes out at our facility but visitors from other areas and the military use the facilities. Those serving on the airport authority are elected and are working to serve you by doing needed repairs to the facility. I hope with good leadership and the military projects coming to town, our airport remains an effective service. Get involved and learn more about our local airport.

New Hospital Construction Project

Construction of a new single-story, 61,000 square foot hospital.  Construction begins in May 2022 and completion is scheduled for fall 2023.

Critical Access Hospitals are important for retaining and recruiting residents, businesses and industry to the area – and often serve as one of the larger employers in their community. This is true for KHS, which employs over 120 individuals. There are many positive impacts that are realized with a new hospital, here are just a few possibilities:

• Estimate of $1.2 million in project increase in employment

• $8.3 million in annual wages, contracts and benefits

• Construction project would generate 200 jobs with over $7 million in salaries over 2 years

• If 10% is spent in the county, we could expect approximately $700,000 in additional sales and services over 2 years

• Beautification of downtown and mitigation of two outdated structures

• Expanded options give residents a choice to receive high quality care in a modern facility close to home


Canterbury | Horse Races, Casino, Resort

With Nebraska’s recent expansion of racetrack gaming, Kimball has the opportunity to create a unique destination resort that can attract even more Landmark Country tourists, encourage visitors to stay in the region longer, and further develop the tourist industry in western Nebraska. At the intersection of Highway 71 and I-80, on approximately 100 acres of land, a new Kimball Resort can feature a horse racetrack, casino, hotel, and destination experience. This development can help provide an economic boost to the community and provide jobs to the region. With the backing of a publicly traded gaming and hospitality company and the support of local residents, the region can create a resort destination that can help the area grow it’s tourism industry. 



Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) 

Temporary establishment of centralized staging areas.

  • Four construction staging areas approximately 10–15 acres each would be in or near Kimball and Sidney, NE along with Sterling, CO, to reduce travel time to work sites.
  • Smaller staging areas would be located at each Launch Facility (LF) and Missile Alert Facility (MAF) during renovation and construction of each facility.

Temporary establishment of workforce housing.

  • Barrack-style modular housing would be established in or around Kimball, NE, to reduce travel time to work sites. Preferably adjacent to nearby utilities.
  • The housing would accommodate up to3,000 construction workers and support personnel for 2–5 years during construction of the facilities.


Welcoming more workers than the population of town is going to be a collaborative effort on all fronts. I assured the project managers that both City and County officials are working cohesively together to ensure that the entire Kimball community is prepared to welcome the GBSD workforce; and that the City and County look forward to a successful partnership with the U.S.A.F. and Northrop Grumman in the coming years ahead of us.

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