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I am Christy Warner

I will be running for Mayor in 2022


Reach out today and find out how you help the community!


About Me

I am a Kimball native who left after high school. While I was gone, I had three children, obtained my Associates Degree in Business Management and a Human Resources Certification along with working in multiple fields including real estate management and business management. As an Army wife, I was honored to have received the Medal in 2001. Moving to different duty stations around the nation allowed me to experience a wide range of schools, cultures and differences giving me perspectives and gratitude for the things Kimball has to offer.

I currently use the knowledge and skills I gained to work for Kimball County as the Human Resources Advisor and Transit Administrator. My ability to address the needs of the public, manage government projects and funding have been recognized at the local, state and federal levels.

While working for Kimball County, I have been elected to the Kimball City Council twice and am now back on the council as an appointment. I am grateful to the community I serve for supporting me during election, and am grateful for the Councils approval of my recent appointment. I am passionate about the betterment of our community and feel the choices City Council makes are bigger than any one person.

My personal goal for Kimball is simple: I want the council to be a driving force for providing future generations with a community they are proud to call home. Kimball can and should be a place that our young people want to come back to, it should be a place for them to invest in. I plan to use my experience and knowledge to help the Kimball area reverse its declining population and re-grow into a vibrant and stable community.

Current Community Driven Projects

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Current City Council member running for Mayor in 2022

Community Growth

The growth Kimball is starting to experience has happened before. I appreciate the work of generations who came before us and recognize the quality of life we take for granted in such a safe and small community. However,to meet the upcoming challenges Kimball will inevitably face, we will have to acknowledge our communities’ weaknesses and improve upon and utilize our strengths to capture opportunities.

Long-term stable community happens through collaboration. With the resources we now have, it’s only a matter of working together, and thinking outside the box to achieve our community goals.

There are both examples to showcase and upcoming opportunities to use such collaboration:


  • Historical Society
  • Good Hand Theater
  • Transit


  • School
  • Hospital
  • Text My Gov
  • Signage

We are stronger together

A Great Place to Live & Work!

Contact Me

Contact Me


Christy Warner
PO Box 103
Kimball, NE 69145


(123) 456-7899

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