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Christy Warner

For City Mayor

Qualified, Effective & Sincere.

Kimball is my agenda! Kimball is facing an exciting but challenging time. It’s vital to our community to have leaders who can be thoughtful about how we keep the small-town atmosphere while progressing forward. The decisions we make will affect generations of Kimball-lites. The City has to accomplish more in the next few years than we’ve seen in half a century. Managing growth takes a different perspective than dealing with a declining population. City leaders have to be able to sit at the table with counterparts from other entities to be successful in accomplishing projects and addressing concerns. I plan to work hard alongside the Council to revitalize our once dwindling city.

The Leadership Our Town Needs

To be part of making Kimball’s future a place where our graduates know there’s opportunity to have a career, quality of life and sense of community.

A Vision For The Future

Economic vitality means families have places to earn money and spend money.  I want to ensure we take advantage of the future economic boom that will support a variety of both our current small businesses as well as those businesses looking to move to Kimball. We have to focus on things like housing, quality of life items and an increased sense of pride in our community.


Changes & Challenges Ahead

The growth Kimball is starting to experience has happened before. I appreciate the work of generations who came before us and recognize the quality of life we take for granted in such a safe and small community. However, to meet the upcoming challenges Kimball will inevitably face, we will have to acknowledge our communities’ weaknesses and improve upon and utilize our strengths to capture opportunities.

Kimball’s Projects

Clean Harbors Expansion
Airport Repairs
New Hospital Construction Project
Canterbury – Horse Races / Casino / Resort
GBSD Project

Qualified, Effective & Sincere.

I have experience working with multiple resources and organizations to reach a win-win solution, getting things accomplished. I can respect how things began, recognize the need for adjustments to be made and think outside the box to find ways to make things work well. I find it good practice to hold conversations with people who may disagree or have concerns, listening to other perspectives, giving accurate information and addressing the details makes a difference.


About Christy

I am a Kimball native who left after high school. While I was gone, I had three children, obtained my Associates Degree in Business Management and a Human Resources Certification along with working in multiple fields including real estate management and business management.  

As an Army wife, I was honored to have received the Commander’s Award for Public Service in 2001 . Moving to different duty stations around the nation allowed me to experience a wide range of schools, cultures and differences giving me perspectives and gratitude for the things Kimball has to offer.

I currently use the knowledge and skills I gained to work for Kimball County as the Human Resources Advisor and Transit Administrator. My ability to address the needs of the public, manage government projects and funding have been recognized at the local, state and federal levels.

While working for Kimball County, I have been elected to the Kimball City Council twice and am now back on the council as an appointment. I am grateful to the community I serve for supporting me during election, and am grateful for the Councils approval of my recent appointment. I am passionate about the betterment of our community and feel the choices City Council makes are bigger than any one person.

My personal goal for Kimball is simple: I want the council to be a driving force for providing future generations with a community they are proud to call home. Kimball can and should be a place that our young people want to come back to, it should be a place for them to invest in. I plan to use my experience and knowledge to help the Kimball area reverse its declining population and re-grow into a vibrant and stable community.


Mission & Values

Started my service to the Kimball Community by serving on the ED board before running for City CouncilAs a City Council member, I was an original organizing member working to bring development to the panhandle..While the Mayor doesn’t have as much power to get things accomplished as the whole Council does, it’s important to be able to sit down at the table and involve a wide variety of organizations and people to accomplish a diverse set of goals.

From the railroad to oil our town has a rich history of economic booms.  We as a community need to get prepared to manage the boom we are headed for. Thoughtfully taking advantage of the economic impact to stabilize our small community for years to come. Knowing when to make quick tough decisions as we ramp up on the boom and not overspending tax dollars by slowing down in time to level out.

My Track Record Serving Kimball

  • Western Nebraska Economic Development As a City Council member, I was an original organizing member working to bring development to the panhandle.
  • ED BoardStarted my service to the Kimball Community by serving on the ED board before running for City Council.
  • Kimball Co Transit ServicesTransforming the 1975 Handibus into a regional transportation service supported by multiple governmental and non-profit entities. Increasing Kimball residents’ ridership over 225% over 3 years and rehabilitated a dilapidated building that sat vacant for decades.
  • FTA Award Received the 2021 Connecting Rural Communities Award for the leadership and community work done at the transit.
  • National Planning ConferenceWas asked to represent the State of Nebraska for the work done with KCTS at the national planning conference in April 2022.

My Qualifications –

  • Real Estate Management
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Kimball-lite
  • Worldly Experience via Military
  • Appointed to a WA State Governor’s Board

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Long-term stable community happens through collaboration. With the resources we now have, it’s only a matter of working together, and thinking outside the box to achieve our community goals.

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